A special thank you for everyone who has offered their help to us with this crazy fire!  ...yeah, I know, I should leave the kitchen to Neil.  We are all so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family.
  We are happy and settled in our new digs.  This Valentines day would have been 1 year in our house, but it looks like we will be getting a renovation instead.  Nice, but inconvienient. 
  BUT everything is looking up!  We had snow not too long ago, and Miss Priss is almost 11 months now..  We'll work on getting more pictures next month.  PROMISE!  - Anne  (sorry Josie, you have the floor)

Thanks mom.....
Here's mom and dad at Mexican.  This wasn't Valentines, but they still had fun! Memere took this picture for them, since everyone really just takes pictures of me.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  I love all of you!  In fact, this fire has really shown all of us that people do love us lots, so we have thank yous!
One cute little wrangler for big hugs and lots of love!
(I think we found one!)
We have lots of special thank yous!  Thanks "Auntie Meg" for my gift cards!  Thanks to the Goodells for the giftcards too!!!  Very handy!  Check out Baby Travis' website too!
     We had lots of support from family too.  My Pappa and Mimi let us stay with them for almost a week until Mom and Dad found a new home base.  Uncles Cooper and Taylor called to make sure we were okay.  We got beautiful cards from Melanie and from LeAnn (Ellis cousins).  Auntie Ann Harrison was nice enough to babysit me for a weekend (she got me a replacement dolly too!)  My Memere and Papi came to help out and watch me so mom could work, and Auntie Carol Crovitz sent me such cute outfits.  My mom's friends Christa and Christie gave mom some clothes and let me borrow some clothes!  Thanks!!!  Mom's boss, Bruce also helped give mom time to work!
big hugs and cel phones are favorites