May 05-07, 2006

Mom and I took a trip to Houston to visit Memere and Papi!  
We had so much fun! Memere bought me the cutest
highchair that I loved so much I wanted to sit in it all the
time! My friend Travis has one now too; Speaking of Travis,
Mom and I finally got to meet him in person! YEA!

Truth be told, I wasn't too sure about baby Travis.. My mom
sure thought he was cute, and I couldn't sit in her lap when
she was holding him.

I figured it out though, and soon mom was playing with me
too! Here is my Memere sitting in my mommy's rocking chair!

You can see she's holding baby Travis while Travis' dad
Did I tell you that Memere and Papi have
a candy dish...& I really wanted some, but
mom said no..; I had to check a couple
more times to be sure. You can see Papi
on the couch. He was keeping an eye on
me. I love him lots!

This is my Uncle Sam. Everyone calls
him Taylor, but I know that his real name
is Sam! I love him lots because he
makes me laugh! He is in Mexico City
right now and I am jealous! Hola Tio
Sam!Te amo!
Sitting in my Mommy's rocking chair.
Me and Mom on the patio of Memere's house
My Papi!