One and 1/2 years old!

Can you believe how big I am getting?  Here's all of us having a sweaty time moving in!  Thanks for helping Memere and Papi!
Papi was showing me some magic tricks at Starbucks!  It was amazing!  Plus, I love fruit snacks!  See me above? 
Look at me!  I have the smoke detector protector on my head!    And... Memere's shoes!  I still can't get enough of shoes!  These shoes make loud, satisfying clicks on this tile floor!  I love the new tile mom!
Two weeks later, Papi and Memere were our first house guests!  They came for the annual Harrison Reunion at Smith Lake!  We had a blast, and right before we left, Papi helped me down the stairs.  I am accessorizing with Memere's Shoes and my garden hat!  Tres Chic!

What did I tell you about those snacks?  I LOVE them!!! YEA