19  months
Well, I am now officially 19 months (Oct 24), and so far so good!  Dad was busy working, so this Saturday mom and I had a great day! The AIA and Golden Construction was holding a party, so mom and I went.  I didn't dress up cause it was kinda chilly, but I did wear my red shoes.  My mom's friend Carrie has a little boy who was a cowboy and he won one of the costume contests, I was so excited for him...AND he gave me his prize, a cute stuffed dog. I love it! I even had to sleep with it at night!
Breakfast time!  Yum, Peaches!
I found my baby carseat in the garage and I thought it was funny to sit in... Mom didn't think so because it was dirty.  This is the face I make to mom when she says no, and I know she doesnt mean it!
See my cute red shoes and the puppy!?  My mom meant to take pictures at halloween, but she forgot her camera card.  Guess who I was!  Little red shoes...  There's no place like home!

Christening! It's coming this weekend..  Mom will post pictures after the event!  Wish me luck, I have never done this before.  Mom seems really excited.  I am so lucky to get to meet Ms. Angie and Mr. Juan who are flying from Arizona!  Ms. Angie is going to be my godmother and Uncle Sam is going to be my Godfather!  He thinks it is really cool to be a godfather!
Look at my darling dress!!!!