Christmas in Texas
Christmas was soo fun!  We left on the 23rd, the Saturday before Christmas and packed up and left in dad's truck.  I was so excited that whenever we stopped, I shouted, "Yea, Memere".  Mom thought it was funny when it happened at 9:30 in the morning, but I was so excited, I shouted it everytime we stopped!  Mrs. Susie Youngson let us borrow Jeffery and Charlie's portable DVD player.  I thought it was amazing!  Thanks Susie!  My mom and dad are indebted to you!
We got to Houston and saw Uncle Sam (Taylor) and Memere and Papi, when we arrived.  I was so tired, but so excited to see everyone!  Memere and Papi took me and mom to "bucks" almost every morning!  Thanks!  I love "Bucks", but maybe not as much as mom.

Keeping with tradition, we went to church on Christmas Eve at St Martha's.  Then we all went to Chinese - its one of dad's traditions and we like it a lot!  Then, off to bed so that Santa could come.  The next morning, the living room was filled with presents!  I was so excited.  We all took turns, from youngest to oldest, unwrapping the Santa Claus gifts.  Uncle Sam no longer gets to go first - sorry Sam!  After unwrapping Santa gifts, we paused for breakfast - egg and sausage casserole, grapefruit and sticky rolls.  YUM!  We were all hungry after unwrapping!  We then unwrapped presents from the family, and then following that, Mom, Dad and I unwrapped Ellis presents!  So fun!
Walking into the living room...
Presents from Santa!  WOW!
Looking at my colorbook with dad, and  ELMO!  COOL!
Memere and Papi got me a new set of crocs... I loved them so much, I had to take off my pajamas right then so that I could wear them!  Don't I look cute with my matching cup!
Here I am with Uncle Sam! 
Uncle Sam took many more photos than my mom, but if you want to see them, click here.  There are pictures of my trip to the firestation, the whole family and the dogs, and of course, more Christmas presents!
Mom and Dad took me to the Childrens Museum in Houston to see dad's friend James, and his two twins, Sarah and Charlotte.  We had a great time painting our faces.  Here is daddy showing me how to do it.  Charlotte and Sarah seem to know exactly what to do!