Mom, Dad and I went to Mimi and Pappa's to visit.  My cousins were there.  Above is Pappa with Mark, and to the right is Meredith and me collecting water in cups.  Later, I found the pool (above) and loved it.  They also had a slide that I was an expert at!  Yea for cousins with tons of toys!  Later, Dad put the slide into the pool.  He watched me really closely so I wouldnt fall in too fast!
Mimi and Pappa's house -
July 16, 2006
Later, we all went for a wagon ride.  Meredith wanted to pull, but needed a little help from Pappa!  Mark and I are heavy!  After that, Meredith picked some "flowers" out of the garden (silk ones so Mimi wouldnt get mad) and Mark took a juice break.  Right before dinner I got some dad time!  Thanks Mimi and Pappa, and cousins, we had fun!