November 23 2006
at Graystone, John and Suzi's house
Oneonta, Alabama
We had so much fun at Thanksgiving!  Suzi and Leah (left) made me my own cute turkey cupcakes!  Aren't they adorable?  Mom would only let me eat one.
There were lots of people there - Mimi and Pappa; John, Suzi, Forrest and Leah; Suzi's parents, (her mom on the left), Rebecca and Al, and Allan, Paula, Elizabeth, Christine and Marilyn.  I loved Marilyn!
Left to Right
Wendell (Pappa)
Suzi's Dad (hidden)
Suzi's Mom
Al (hidden)
and MAMA!

What a great
presentation!  Thanks
for hosting Suzi!
Me and Mimi!  She has a neat sweater with pumpkins and a turkey!  I loved it.. I also loved this cat, Bobbi!  When noone was looking I picked Bobbi up!  Good thing that he is a nice cat!  Everyone laughed so hard!  And don't worry, no animals were harmed in the creation of this photo!