Christmas in Texas
Christmas was soo fun!  We left on the 23rd, the Saturday before Christmas and packed up and left in dad's truck.  I was so excited that whenever we stopped, I shouted, "Yea, Memere".  Mom thought it was funny when it happened at 9:30 in the morning, but I was so excited, I shouted it everytime we stopped!  Mrs. Susie Youngson let us borrow Jeffery and Charlie's portable DVD
player.  I thought it was amazing!  Thanks Susie!  My mom and dad are indebted to you!

We got to Houston and saw Uncle Sam (Taylor) and Memere and Papi, when we arrived.  I was so tired, but so excited to see everyone!  Memere and Papi took me and mom to
"bucks" almost every morning!  Thanks!  I love "Bucks", but maybe not as much as mom!

Keeping with tradition, we went to church on Christmas Eve at St Martha's.  Then we all went to Chinese - its one of dad's traditions and we like it a lot!  Then, off to bed so that Santa could come.  The next morning, the living room was filled with presents!  I was so excited.  We all took turns, from youngest to oldest, unwrapping the Santa Claus gifts.  Uncle Sam no longer gets to go first - sorry Sam!  After unwrapping Santa gifts, we paused for breakfast - egg and sausage casserole, grapefruit and sticky rolls.  YUM!  We were all hungry after unwrapping!  We then unwrapped presents from the family, and then following that, Mom, Dad and I unwrapped Ellis presents!  So fun!