25 months.. and growing...
Maddie Grace's Party
Maddie Grace on the giraffe, and Lyndsay and me eating cupcakes!  I cant wait until you two move up into the Bluebirds class!  Addison and I will be waiting!
Maddie Grace turned two and we all celebrated by going on the carousel at the Galleria!  I would highly recommend this for a two year old party!  We had super-fun going up and down!  I gave Maddie a bubble dinosaur since I loved my bubble puppy so much!  She liked it too!

Happy birthday Maddie and thanks for inviting me to your party!
My other friend Maddie... and her mom Robin and dad John...
Mom's friend and old roommate, Robin came with her husband John and daughter Maddie!  We had so much fun!  Maddie loved Dolly, and loved giving me "bubble baths".  When Maddie and I got a little grumpy and hot, the Moms let us make a no-bake pie!  Boy was it good!
Look, clean hands!  We put our whole hands in the bowl to make sure the bowl was clean, clean!  Then we licked our hands!  See how shiny they are!

Maddie and her family will be moving to Fort Hood soon.  We wish them the very best, and I hope that we will get to visit them in Texas!  I think they will enjoy being closer to family!  Thanks for coming over to play!