Hello Everyone!  It has been so hot!  We are
still in a drought, pray for some rain, BUT we
still managed to have fun!

Good news!  I decided after my vacation that
I was ready to be a big girl and wear panties!  
Mom is very happy!

In the middle of August we went to a
Murphree reunion -
visit my family tree if you
want to figure it out.  We had lots of fun, and
Mimi and Papa were there!  Mimi made
icecream YUM!  We got to spend the night and
visit with them some too!

The next weekend, my mom bought me a whale
pool!  Boy was I excited about that!  Dad kept
crimping the hose so it sprayed in my face.  
We had fun outside!
See dad below?  He was crimping the hose
so I got a huge blast of water!  "He's so
funny!"  I liked playing with this plastic
pitcher to feed Dolly some water and to
pour the water out of the pool!  Don't tell
the city, this wasnt our day to water!
My funny phrases:  "Oh well" and "I did it by my BIG self" and "I'm so silly"