Papi and Memere flew in to help with birthday surprises on Thursday!  Friday, Daddy and Papi were working on my birthday present, and Mommy and Memere came to my school to celebrate with my classmates!  Keisha made me cupcakes with cute ladybugs on them!!!   Some kids didn't want to eat the bug, but I had no problem!!!!
Keisha has been really nice to me!  In addition to cupcakes, she also bought me this cute dress and some others!!  I picked this one out today for my birthday dress.. It had a cute butterfly on it and sparkly flowers!  Here I am on my way to Starbucks for my coffee- birthday cake!
Mimi, Pappa and Meredith and Mark came for my birthday!!  We had so much fun!  I was so excited that they all got to come over and visit!  We all got some eggs with M&Ms in them..  It was really warm so we took a juice and M&M break!

Mimi made me the coolest cake ever!  It had swings, grass and a garden on it!  I was allowed to eat it with a fork without cutting a piece!  Big fun!  Not much later, Mark and I destroyed the garden!  YUMMY!  Thanks Mimi!
Presents! What fun I had opening presents!  Thank you everyone!  We had a great day!  I wished every day could be my birthday!!!....  And what do you ask were my daddy, Pappa and Papi working on???  Find out here!!!