This February, Memere came to Alabama and took me
back to Houston.  Mom and Dad have been terribly busy
working.  Dad is trying to sell the business, and mom's
boss keeps bringing in more work.  So, I got to go play at
Memere's house while mom and dad went to New Orleans!
We had fun!  I
played dress up
with Memere's
winter things,
we made
cookies and
went to the
park and the
zoo.  I really
want to be
able to do
monkey bars by

All three of us
went to the
Houston Zoo!  I
loved it and
had tons of
Here is me with my Papi at the zoo, and me
with the sea lion!  (When I got home this is
the majority of what I told my mom I did- even
though the zoo was one day, it was an
important one!)

Before leaving for Houston, Memere, Aunt
Natalie and the Ellis' family all enjoyed dinner
together!  Thanks Natalie for the homemade
lasagna.  If you have the recipe, we'd love it!!!
 YUM!!!  Thanks also for the Cinderella doll and
this crazy hat!  I love visiting with you!