*  *  *  JULY!!  *  *  *
Hi everyone!!!  I have been
soo busy this summer!  I love
having jobs, especially
squirting things like windex
to help mom clean.  I am
slowly finding out that
different foods are okay to
eat too... not just chicken
and noodles..  I love blowing
bubbles and making "castles"
with my blocks!  Look how
high I can stack them!
One day I was being a good
girl so mom took me to
Target and we got some
instruments!  I love them
and we sing "Twinkle
Twinkle, ABC'S, and Old
McDonald"!  I am a funny
We also inhereited a piano!  It needs a little bit of
tuning and a bench pad, but I love playing on it too!  
It has just been a musical month!
Mom and Dad have had a busy month of projects too!
 Yardwork, fixing the shed door (see daddy above?)
and computers and work.  It's a good summer so far!
 And what is the best thing about summer?