June Adventures
             Hi everyone!  I went to the zoo with my
              mom.  The first stop was the sea lion show.  
I was pretty good.  It was the first show I ever went
to, and we got a good seat.  I was a little nervous
because the sea lion is BIG!  He's even bigger than mom
and dad.  But I liked watching him eat fish and doing
tricks!  We went to see the monkeys next.  Can you see
them!?  Mom really liked the hippo, cause it was
walking around, and hippos rarely move!  Then we
went and saw giraffes, zebras, and finally to the kids
area to look at the sheep and play in the water!
Happy Daddys Day!!!
We got him donuts from Krispy Kreme, his favorite kind.
I like them too!
I was so tired cause I didn't have a nap, that I almost fell asleep when mom
was pushing me on the swing!!!
Dad is so much fun to play with!

My latest accomplishments:
Counting to ten in Spanish
Constructing pretty complex sentences
Learning to be patient
Memorizing the stories.. especially "I Was SO Mad"

I am getting so big and smart, Mom and Dad
are very proud of me!