e at the
March 9
Mom and I went to the farm in early March!  It was so
exciting because there were a lot of new baby animals.  
I saw some baby goats that were born just two hours
before I got there.  One of the caretakers let me pet
him and I was very gentle.  My mom hopes I am just as
gentle with my baby brother!   There was a baby donkey and look, 2 big donkeys!!!
For a quarter, you can buy corn to feed
the animals!  This rooster happened to
be tame (don't worry) and I got to
feed him.  The goat joined in not long
I chased the peacock for a long time..  
Walking of course, not running (cause mom
told me not to).  It surprised me to know
that the peacock could jump so high!  I
went home and told Dad all about it!  (We
wanted him to sleep in this morning!)  
What a fun morning!