Easter lunch at
Aunt Natalie's

Mom and I went up to
Natalie's new house in
Kimberly for Easter
Lunch!  Everyone was
there!  I had so much fun
playing with my cousins,
Sophie and Cole!
This is my
cousin Cole.  
Mom thought
he was adorable
and she and
Cheryl got to
talk a lot about
little boys!  I
think I should
name my baby
brother Cole!
Attending Lunch
Paul and Natalie
Joe and Judy
Auntie Annie
Sister Eleanor & Mary
Ross and Jade
Ben, Cheryl, Sophie and
Uncle Paul
led us on an
easter egg
hunt!  It
was so fun!  
There was
money in
the eggs
too!  I put it
in my piggie

ME and JOE
Easter Baskets:

So many presents!!  A
special thanks to Paul
and Natalie for my
easter basket, and to
Auntie Ann for my cute
bunny!  (I sleep with him
Cole has his own adorable
language right now and he
saw a tiny spider on the
concrete.  (see the tiny
speck?)  He had to make sure
everyone saw it, and I don't
know if he wanted it to go
away, or was just chatting to
Picking flowers (aka clover
or weeds) in my backyard.  
The  weather is turning