My Summer
Memere and Papi's House
July 28- August 3
My school was closed for a week, so
Memere and Papi said I could visit
them.  I left very early in the morning
on Saturday, and Papi flew the plane to
Houston!  Very good!  On the plane, I
told Memere, "Don't worry" and I told
Papi "Good job" when we landed.

I got to visit with Uncle Cooper too!  
We had so much fun!!!  Look at the
cool toy he brought me!  Now I am a
Station 19 wanna be.
Not only did I get to firefight the flowers, but I also had fun in the pool and coloring and playing with
my Memere!  I also got to visit
Kingwood College where Memere works.  We had cake for someone's
birthday!  I am also a good little chef.  Mom was surprised I was stirring and not EATING!
Thanks Memere and Papi for a
wonderful time!  I had fun, and Mom
and Dad had fun too!  Thanks for the
movie and all the spoiling!  Thanks to
Ms. Graziano for my new Webkins,
Princess, the white poodle. I have been
pushing her around in my pink stroller!

WHAT FUN!  I am tuckered out!

love,  Josie