Happy 4th of July
Today really started off with a bang!!!  I bumped my tooth on the couch and bent my front
tooth back!  Mom and Dad called the dentist and he had dad push it back into place.  Then he
told them to give me tylenol and cold compresses.  I don't like cold compresses, so I had a
popsicle.  After a while I started to feel better and helped mom finish making our 4th of
July cupcakes.

Then we packed up the car and headed over to Whitney and Jenna's house!  We had so much
fun with the whale pool and cups!  We threw water everywhere!  We had some hotdogs and
fruit for lunch, and finished with cupcakes!  YUM!

Dad and Whitney played bowling and tennis on the WII - Whitney beat Dad in bowling!  Cool!

After visiting with Jenna
and Whitney, I took a little
nap in the car to Oneonta!  
Aunt Amy, Mark and
Meredith were there,
cause they are about to
move to Houston!  I wished
Uncle Ted was there, but
someone has to fly those
planes!  We took lots of
silly photos with the
cousins, and had lots of fun

Mimi and Pappa made a
great dinner with okra,
tomatoes, corn on the cob,
squash casserole, bread and
steak!  I was still nursing
my tooth, so I ate a couple
of bites of hot dog.  Aunt
Fay came over for dinner

After dinner we got to have
cupcakes (Mark made some
for me too!) and then Mimi
let us roast marshmallows
and make smores.  Followed
by icecream sandwiches.  I
love grandparents!!!!

Later we lit sparklers, but
it was a little scary, so
there was more crying than
laughing...  We all decided to
watch the Boston Pops
fireworks on TV instead!

Have a good trip cousins!  
We'll see you at Christmas
time if not before!