My first ballet recital June 7, 08

I was sooo excited to wear this beautiful costume.  
I felt just like a princess!  Mimi and Pappa and mom
and dad came to watch!
I learned first position and second position
and best of all, my friend Lindsey is in my
ballet class.  As you can see we both know
how to pose for pictures!!  We have lots of
fun together!

Dad had to work, but took a break to visit
and watch.  He is the executive chef at
Lulu now, and we went there for dinner
with Mimi and Pappa following the
Pictures of during and after
the performance.  Ms.
Peyton is my teacher and
she comes to my school on
Tuesdays for dance.  Mom
likes it, cause I am already
in "school" and she thinks
my teachers may need a
little break!

Although I like ballet, I
have decided not to pursue
a career in this (I think).  
Stay tuned for my next