Beach Week - May 5-10th
How fun... Anne
Cameron, Erik
and baby
Katherine came
to Alabama.  Aunt
Natalie and Uncle
Paul let us
borrow their
beach house for a
week for a much
needed vacation!  
We all had so
much fun,
relaxing, cooking,
napping, eating..
You get the idea!  
I loved the
beach, and
seconds after
this picture I fell
in the ocean face
first... I got
scared, but
quickly learned
all was okay!
Katherine's slte
has been updated
Dad taught me how to pose...He may
regret this later!!!  The condo was great
and had an indoor/outdoor pool, so we
did a lot of swimming.  Kat isn't afraid
at all, but I was a little timid... By the
end of the trip, I was swimming in
floaties by myself!  Here are the girls:
Upside Down
Katherine and my
favorite game
Dad bought us a great dragon kite
that he let me fly!  I had a great time!!
In the mornings, Mom, Anne C, Kat and I would go do something... One day we went shopping and we
found a great park with swings next to some shops!  I liked climbing the "rock wall" and I found a great
tiara!  I loved hangin out with Uncle Erik too!  He is big and strong!