Three months and more!!!!
Its been a while since we added photos, mom has been busy at work, and I have been busy playing and growing.. 

I went to Ralegh over the Memorial day weekend and we had a great time with Granny Baba (Betsy Anne) and I also got to see my GrandMemere (Marie Harrison) and lots of aunts, uncles and cuzins!

I started rolling over mid June and I am very squirmy!!!    The doctor says I am doing really well, but I do have eczema so mom and dad have me on a steriod creme occasionally so that I feel better!!

Mom and Dad threw a great party for the fourth of July!  60 neighbors, relatives and friends came by to celebrate.. Even my friend Zoe came.. Shes 2 days younger than me!  It was fun!

Memere (Diane Lumsden) and Popi (John Lumsden) even came and Memere stayed with us for a week, helping mom and dad out a lot!  Memere and I went up to see Sister Eleanor and the nuns in Cullman, AL... I loved the new chapel!

Mom is busy planning some college dorms, and had lots of meetings out of town.  Dad is busy getting his new business up and running, so he cooked a lot and gave the food to Aunt Amy and Uncle Ted..  Hope they like it!

Well, here are some more recent pictures, I hope all of  you are doing as good as I am!

The cutest fourth outfit ever!  Memere thinks my hat isn't on quite right... She's right!
Me and Papi - this is Pre-party!!!  I love him lots!
The garden that Dad is working so hard on..  On the left is tomatoes and on the right is okra, 2 rows of beans and squash!  We have been picking squash and beans and dad made squash casserole for the pig pickin!
My dad, 6 a.m.  getting the pig ready! -->