5 weeks old...
Guess who came to visit with me...  My Memere!  YEA!  Here are pictures from our fun 2 days together!
Look at me!  I am a ballerina!!!!
bath time
Memere gave me a bath and I loved it!  It was a good thing too, because she showed my mom how to hold me just right so that my mom can hold me and wash me at the same time.. You see.. babies are soo slippery!

Obviously, I love being wrapped up in my towell too.. Yeah, I sure do like my Memere!  I think she likes me a whole lot too!
I am so tired... Mom and Memere and I drove to Oneonta to visit Grandma Mimi since dad was out of town on business..  We went to the tea room like little ladies do, and then I went to see my Great Grandmother, Mama..  I was on my best behaviour!
What a full week!