Four Months
I figured out I have a tounge, see!!!
Uncle "sam"  came to visit and we had fun!
Still looking cute after my cuzin's b-day!
I love this bouncy, thanks Susie!!!
I am now allowed to eat rice cereal.. contrary to the picture above, I actually like it and mommy found a new use for shot glasses.. Its just the right amount!  This is trial #2, so I expect to be getting better at it!!!  Wish me luck!
The cutest purple outfit from Shannon!
August 14th Tummy time is super fun.  I am playing with this apple toy from Memere on a blanket from Auntie Ann!
Little PEA!  What a funny hat!
All is well, Dont you think I look like my Grandma Mimi!!  Daycare starts tomorrow, gotta run! 
Hugs, Josie