One month old...!
Well, My mom hasn't updated much because now we really enjoy getting out of the house..  BUT I did go to the doctor April 25th!  My stats are as follows..

Height              23 inches          95 percentile
Weight        10 lbs 4 ounces         75 percentile

Needless to say, the doc thought I looked great.. My mom wants my baby acne to go away however!!!
Look at the cutest outfit I got from my great uncle Pooh and Dena!  Bell bottoms baby!  My dad loves me in this!!!
So serious.. mom wants me to smile, but the flash is sooo bright!!
Sleeping..  In between crys...  I look angelic but watch out!
...I'm gonna knock you out.. Momma said knock  you out...
(old school rap - gotta love it)