Six Months
All is well in my world.  I go to daycare every day and Ms. Wanda and Ms. Connie love me and think I am sooo affectionate!
  My mom and dad are trying all kinds of new food with me.  Let me tell you how much I hate peas!  The ladies at daycare told my mom that she shouldn't even buy them again!
  I am just starting to make sounds.. no mama or dada yet, but I am good at raspberries (especially while eating carrots) !  Did you know carrots stain?  Mom didn't!
   I went to the cabin with mom and dad for a couple of days!  Mimi and Poppa kept me one night so that my mom and dad could rest!  Thanks guys!
   Memere and Papi are coming to visit soon.  There is a family reunion coming up so I will have to gind the perfect outfit!
  Hope all of you are well, thanks for continuing to visit my site!  Maybe mom will put a movie of me on here one day.. We'll see!

The ZOO!

Mom, Dad and I went to the zoo!!  We saw tons of animals but I really liked the chickens, goats and giraffes..  Dad fed one of the birds and I wanted to pet it!  So I stuck my hand out and that silly bird bit me!!

...And much to my parents' dismay I started