Hey everyone.. Here I am at Memere's work.  I came to visit the ladies who were kind enough to throw my mom a baby shower!  I loved them all, especially Sarah's earrings!
I didn't get to see my Uncle Cooper for very long, but he came to visit on Saturday after Thanksgiving.  He thought I was getting big!  I really loved playing with his dog, Cole!  We're buddies now!
My dad and I love this game... I love his hats (and all hats), but I have learned that I can take this one off and even play peekaboo with it!
Aunt Natalie and Uncle Paul (Memere's brother) bought me this book.  Memere and I played with it for a long time.. I sure do love these songs!  Thank you!
I still don't know why I can't grab these bubbles... Anyone?
This is me and my new pal Ethan Schapiro.  His mom Robyn (Gerth) was great friends with my mom in high school..  I am 8 months, but Ethan is only 4 months.  Can you believe he's so tall?  Maybe I'll date him one day?  Just kidding dads!  The picture with my mom is awful, don't I look like an alien baby with those red eyes..  But the best picture is me and the 1st fish I ever caught - Right Uncle Sam???  I wanted to touch it, but Memere and Papi made sure I didn't!  My Pappa (Wendell Ellis) will be sooo proud!