One Month Old - August 17-Sept 17
James Carter Ellis
This Month's
Lots of visits and visitors..  I went up
to Oneonta to visit Pappa, Mimi, Faye
and Melanie.  It was a great visit and
Melanie got a great shot of me

I was spoiled rotten!
Hello!  This month I went to the cardio
for a follow up appointment and Dr.
Lau said I was looking good.  We go
back in January for a follow up.  He
seems to think I might need another
cath lab visit when I grow up, but until
then, we're doing okay!
Auntie "Auntie" came to visit and hold
me for a while!  Spoiled rotten, I tell
ya!  Then, we were lucky to have Aunt
Judy and Uncle Joe come visit us for
a little while before a wedding they
were attending!  I was good for both
visits!  I also visited with Aunt Suzy
and Memere and Papi came again
because of Hurricane Ike.
Stats: September 4

Height: 23 1/4"

Weight: 13-1/2"

Head circum - 16"