Two Months Old - Sept 17- Oct 17
James Carter Ellis
This Month's
Houston, so Aunt Amy and Cousins
Mark and Meredith headed from
Houston to Oneonta.  Then, we had a
HURRICANE IKE - went right thru
cousin playdate!  Both my cousins
had fun and seemed to like me.. BUT
if you want to know the truth, they had
more fun with my sister... Check out
Josie's page for funny cousin photos
Memere and Papi stayed with Paul and Natalie, and we got
to visit a lot.. Cole, Cooper's dog, came to visit too!  We went
up to Oneonta one night and Josie went to the Carnival with
Memere, Papi, mom, dad, Amy and the cousins, while Mimi
and Papa watched me.. THANKS Mimi and Papa!
As these photos were being taken,
Memere and Papi were driving here
too!  They were tired of no Starbucks
and NO power!!!!
Uncle Cooper and I got along great!  It must be because he is my
We have known a lot of people lately who seem to be sick, and
unfortunately, after a valiant battle, Meg's dad, Bob died.  He was
struggling with some heart conditions and so Mom and I flew to
Houston.  Although it was a sad occasion, it was nice to see Uncle
Cooper, and mom had a nice time visiting with "the girls".  Hugs and
love to Meg and all of her family!
Stats: September 18
Height: 24.5"
Weight: 14lbs 4oz
Head circum - 16.5"