Five Months Old - Christmas
James Carter Ellis
This Month's
Its been a while, but James is
doing great.  He loves his new
"office" that Santa brought, and
his binki, and being held.  We
had a great, long visit in
Houston and it was worth the
drive.  We stayed at Memere and
Papis, but on Christmas day,
Aunt Amy and Uncle Ted,
cousins Mark and Meredith, and
Mimi and Papa came over to
exhange presents & have drinks.
Neil had to fly back to Birmingham early on the
27th, but mom stayed in Houston, so Memere
could babysit while mom flew to New Orleans
for work on the 30th.

After Christmas, James caught a nasty cold
and by the 31st we had to see the doctor out
of network.  That is no easy feat!  They gave of
network.  That is no easy feat!  They gave
James an inhaler (let me tell you how much
he loves that), some eyedrops and some hefty
antibiotics.  In two days we had a different
child, thankfully!
Santa came on Christmas morning, but Uncles Sam and Cooper were working
so we did Lumsden Christmas the next day, the 26th.  A good time was had and
like always, we received many great gifts!  Thanks everyone for making our
Christmas great!

As you can see below, I love Uncle Cooper and Sam...
Snug as a bug in a rug.  Thanks Uncle Sam for
documenting my trip, and some of the pictures on this site...
AND to Uncle Cooper for being protective of me and
knowing all about medical things!
Stats: Dec. 31 -
we aren't due to visit
the pediatrician till next
month, but we had to
visit the Dr. in H-town
Weight: 19lbs 4oz
Play Date.  Meg Goodell Beach with Allison
Simon, Mom with Josie and James, and Katie
Norton Cooper with ???  :)

We had a wonderful time together and the kids
played fabulously!  We cant wait to do this again
soon!  We love you all!