May was fun, the weather has been rainy, but is warming up!  We've had to play inside a lot, but James
doesn't mind a bit..  He is quite content to play with Josie and follow her around.  He is quite mobile
and as you can see from the photos below, he can pull himself up, and scoot around any wall or table.
He gets SO excited if he lets go for a couple of seconds, so excited that he starts laughing that baby
pterodactyl laugh, then falls on his bottom!

James thinks Josie is the cat's meow, and in fact she was a cat this month, check out Josie's ballet recital
photos for more on that!  James didn't go, but had a great time with Kyra!

Not too much to report, still waiting on a tooth, still stuffy, still a really good, happy kiddo.
May 2009
The month of May:
I am quite content in my "Office"
as you can see, and mom is able to get
some laundry and cleaning done,
when she isn't taking photos!