Waiting, waiting to go home.  Mom
came at 8 and we finally left at
Here's a photo of James on the
7th floor - only 2 monitors at this point. The
"Peas and Love outfit was the first one we
received as a gift - thanks Memere.  (it still
has lots of room for growing).
A dress???, really mom?
Sorry kiddo, but even dad said
it was okay.  This is the dress
that your grandfather, Papi
came home in and your great
grandmother hand made.  Your
mom and your uncles all used
this outfit for homecoming, and
Josie did too.  It will be saved
for future cousins too!  
Needless to say, there are lots
of photos!
Mimi for
and for
picking up

As you
can see
Josie was
to see
her baby
Friends,                                                                                                        July 21, 2008

Again, thank you for all the support you have each shown us over the past month!  I thought I would update all of you on
James’ stats and where we are.  As you all know, we left the Hospital 15 days after James was born.  He doesn’t require any
special monitors or anything, so that’s great.  When we left, he still had some heart problems… a small hole, that was shunting
blood from right to left, and a too big right atrium, and a too muscular right ventricle (two of the 4 chambers).  His tricuspid
valve (the valve between these chambers) was still “leaky”.  None of this was concern enough for them to keep him
hospitalized, but we have an appt. September 4th for another echocardiogram with Dr. Lau.  Until this appt. we don’t know if
each of these problems is resolving itself.  Let’s hope they are!  I will update each of you when we get the information.  

James did have a pediatrician appt. on Tuesday – Dr. Levin thought he looked great!  His color was good, and I didn’t even
have him check his O2 levels because he was happy and calm.  He gets a bit cross-eyed on occasion, but Dr. Levin wasn’t
worried.  He also has some baby acne that will go away eventually.  He is eating really well and is now 11.5 lbs!  His head
circumference is 16” – up an inch from birth, and he measured 22.5” This is less than what I posted at his birth, but Dr. Levin
assured me he didn’t shrink, but that lengths are really best guesses…  So all in all he’s doing a-ok.  He got his second Hep-B
vaccine, and was quite vocal about it, but that was nothing compared to getting stuck at the hospital multiple times a day!  His
next appt will be Sept 18, at 2 months.

UAB (the hospital where he was) would not do the circumcision before we went home.  I don’t know why, but maybe he’d
been through enough trauma.  So that is scheduled for the 22nd of September.  Anyways, we’ll be at the doctors pretty

Much love and thanks!!!