My first month
Here I am in my swing with my paci, or binki,
however you call it.. I was quite content about this,
as you can tell.  Bathtime however was a new
experience, and this is the only photo where I look
These photos are the from the two weeks that I
have been home.  I am doing well, and I am sleeping
well and eating a ton!  I saw the pediatrician twice
and he thinks I look good.
Here I am, awake and
looking around.  You can't
tell, but my eyes are slate
blue.  Mom thinks they will
change, but who knows.  
Thanks Susie for the cute
outfit, and thanks to
Auntie Carol for the
amazing quilt!  It is
perfect and we love it!  
Mom needs to give me
more tummy time, but
she's a little protective
and hates it when I cry!  
hehehe... I have them all
wrapped around my little
One Month Old!  You can
tell I am gaining weight-
look at my great double
chin!  I also have a cute
outfit handed down from
cousin Mark!  Thanks
Mark!  I am also sporting
my football paci in orange
for Auburn!  War Eagle

Mom thinks my hair might
be wavy - we'll see..  The
color is still to be
determined, but it is much
lighter than Josie's was!