at the Regional NICU day2-day 15
The first
two photos
are before
surgery in
the cath.
lab.  He's
swollen.  A
special drug
kept him
alive until
they could
do a
James had critical pulmonary stenosis.  We
are really lucky they diagnosed it in time!
He had to be intubated for the surgery, and
then they took him off the vent...  Sure
enough, his O2 levels weren't looking good,
so they re-intubated him.  Finally he just got
fed up and took the vent and the NG tube
out himself!  His O2 levels were okay, so he
got to start eating on day 10 - just a tiny
bit.  On day 12 they moved him to his own
tiny crib.  We brought our own blankets as
his skin is sensitive.  Finally Neil and I were
able to hold him and feed him (day 12).  That
was the best!  A special thanks to all the
RNICU nurses!  We love UAB now!
I liked these photos because he almost
looked normal - on the right you can see the
scar on his forehead where they had to get a
line in quickly!