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Famous relatives
of Baby Ellis:
Thomas Ellis
My mom loves geneology and she wants me to know where I came from!
Homer Lee Ellis
H. Wendell Ellis
Almuth V. Murphree
Illa Belle Murphree
May Dora Nancy Huie
Franklin CarterCheney
Celia Cheney
Alan Breck Cheney
Irene Wheeler Denny
Neil Carter Ellis
James Louis Gunter
Billie Faye Gunter
Lilian Lenora Gunter
Samuel T. Lumsden
Anne Marie Lumsden
Margaret Palmer Betts
John C. Lumsden, Sr
John C. Lumsden, Jr
Malcolm Maxwell Hale
Anne Juella Hale
Pansye Eloise Bargeron
Issac Fletcher Harrison
Diane Harrison
Joseph E  Harrison
Margaret Briody McCue
Marie M. Nadeau
Alfred Joseph Nadeau
Antonia Payeur
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