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Hey everyone, all is well on our end… James continues to do well. He really is huge and looks more like a 6 month old. At his 3 mo. visit, he weighed 16lbs. 4oz. and was 25-1/2″ long. I even asked if I need to curb how much he eats, but the doctor laughed and said absolutely not. He is going to daycare, at the same school as Josie, and seems to be doing well. Like Josie, he is the youngest in his class, but not the smallest!

We are getting ready for Halloween… Josie is going to be Tinkerbell – I hope she doesn’t freeze to death, and James will be a bundled up Yoda! Its really funny.. Just wait, I’ll post photos.

We have a busy week this week. The Spricks are visiting Thursday. Friday is a parade at school and then Trick or Treating. Saturday is Planting day with Aunt Suzy (we do this every year – annuals in pots for color throughout the winter) and Sunday is a playdate with Lindsay from school.

On a sad note, my good friend Meg lost her father in October. James and I flew out to KW for the funeral, and Josie went to Lindsays house for her first (kinda) spend the night. It was good to see old friends, but a terrible circumstance in which to see everyone. On a positive note, her little sister Katie is getting married this month. Hugs to all of you.

On another note, I have a friend I met in the NICU. Her name is Amy and her son Gabe is still there. She is so positive, and was a huge help to me while James was there. Unfortunately they have hit their medical insurance cap, and he needs a lot more care. I am going to try to help her and set up a donation account. I will post the information soon, but we are still working with banks to get the perfect set up. If you want to read about her family and little Gabe you can visit her website

I hope all of you are faring well. Thank you for reading and touching base with us. I’ll post again soon!


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