Vacation is-a-coming!

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Well, this time next week, the Ellis’ should be arriving in Houston to visit! James and Josie will have a great time visiting with their grandparents, while mom and dad head up to the lakehouse with friends from Arizona. A much needed break! Two nights without kids, and the parents are actually off work. That hasn’t happened since Christmas! Let’s open some wine! We’ll be sure to post photos of the trip! It should be fun!

A tooth!

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Friday, June 6th I noticed James had a little tiny piece of something sticking up thru that bottom gum! Yea! A tooth. He’s approaching 11 months, so mom was anxious!!!

Okay, back online

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SO, we’ve been busy, and Mom is busy so that = no posts. Mom will be updating the photo pages in reverse chronological order, so they should be up and running soon. She also bought a book on WordPress, so she should be up and running soon!