Back from Vacation

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What a fun time we had… Mom left on the 17th loaded up with the 2 kiddos! We stopped in Jackson to pick up Papi, and he helped make the trip much easier, AND paid for McDonalds… not to mention helping me juggle! Plus, true to the Lumsdens, Papi knew where all the Starbucks were along the way! We arrived at Memere’s at 5, and the kids got their eeeby-jeebies out. YEA! Mom had a beer!

Thursday mom went grocery shopping and packed up a cooler. Neil flew in at 4 and Josie was excited to see him! The first words out of her mouth were, Did you know Memere has FOUR tvs? HA. Sorry kiddo, we just have one. Its huge, but you have to share with your parents! Cooper and Stephanie stopped by to load up all the stuff for the lake. They were great! Cooper got everything ready for us to come up. Put luggage in rooms and food in the fridge.

Angie and Juan flew in that night at midnight, and Neil and I went to pick them up at the airport, then headed north to the lakehouse! They must have been trusting as we are driving down the dirt roads! We arrived and opened up the beer, catching up on work and friends and lives. We finally crashed about 3.

Friday and Saturday were great, and there were no kiddos. Friday, Cooper made 6 racks of ribs and beans and took us all over the lake, pulling us on skis and taking dad’s new boat “Bateau Nadeau” out. Really fun, really hot, lots of cold beer and the wind in our hair as we go 60mph over the lake on that crazy new jetski! Saturday, Coop and Steph left and Taylor arrived! Its a shame we couldn’t see both of them simultaneously, but it was fun!
Josie and Daddy

Sunday was Father’s day and we had a great time with grandparents, kids, and friends making icecream, jetskiing and tubing

A special thanks to Memere and Papi for letting us use the toys!!!!

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