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Well, Sunday, July 12, was Uncle Sam’s Birthday! Happy birthday US! We had a most interesting morning and I didn’t get a chance to call and wish him a happy birthday.. In fact, he called me later that night to check on us.

As it turns out, James is allergic to eggs. Not just, oh, he shouldn’t eat that, but NO EGGS, No Egg products. Hmmm. Here’s what happened.

Mom and Josie woke up and proceeded to wake up James, give him a bottle and dress him for the day. I asked Josie what she wanted to eat, and she told me it had been a long time, and she wanted eggs. So I agreed. I scrambled eggs for me, Josie and James, thinking that eggs are a good soft transitional food. Note: No one in our family has food allergies…yet. So I give Josie hers, put James in his high chair and feed him some scrambled eggs. He only took 2 little bites. He immediately had hives on his face and was itching. Then his eyes watered up. I assumed he had a tiny bit of pepper, even though I just put the tiniest amount in there. He obviously did not want any more, so I picked him up and brought him downstairs.At Childrens

He threw up twice, needed to be changed, and I called the doctor to see if I could give him benadryl and if so, how much. She called back stating yes, and gave me the dosage. She asked how he was doing, and I said he fell asleep. She told me to keep him right next to me, to take him in if he is coughing or wheezing. So, I did.. then headed to the store for some benadryl.

I didn’t want to give it to him immediately, as he threw up again while I had been talking to the nurse. So I went to get drive thru coffee, when I heard him wheezing. Then he threw up all over the back seat. You should have heard Josie! Then when he was crying he sounded really hoarse, so I drove to the Children’s clinic near my house, and called the nurse on the way. We didn’t wait long, then I had 4 nurses in there with an epi-pen, they put a line in, and gave him benadryl and cortosteriods.. Needless to say Josie was a trooper, but was scared. Finally, I called Neil to get her, and James and I traveled via ambulance (running hot – as Uncle Cooper would say) to Children’s downtown.

He was fine after that, jittery from the epi, sleepy from the benadryl, but we were discharged about 4 that afternoon. I am glad he is okay! Everyone was nice and helpful, and it was a good ending. I don’t want to go do that again though! James will be allergy tested soon!

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