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The website is up and running and we are in the business of accepting donations… Please consider a donation of 40$, which will provide one family with a care package. Another board member, a nurse in the NICU, stated that the bags have been warmly received, and the toiletry bags are a godsend for families that just show up, unexpectedly, with only their baby in hand!

I will be sending an email or letter to you shortly, helping us raise money for these families. Approximately 10 heart babies are admitted every month, and that adds up. So, show your support.

If things are a little tight financially for you, as they are for many, you can help us for free by downloading our iSearch iGive search engine. It is powered by Google or Yahoo, your choice, but 1 penny goes to the foundation every time we search!

Hugs and love to all!!!

Anne Marie

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