We’re a-walkin’

Posted in allergies, james at 8:10 pm by Anne Marie

James took his first steps on the 23rd, and by the 31st, he was a walking… just 6 or 7 steps at a time, but watch out! He puts his little hands out in front of him like a zombie.. it’s hilarious, and by August 1, he’s got it down! Robeez and all! Boy, mom is running around a lot more these days!

James is doing great with no eggs, soy or nuts.. His skin is clearing up and that continuous runny nose was almost gone, until he caught a little cold. He did have a little incident at IHOP, he got some hives around his mouth.. I suppose from touching the table.. All he had was milk and a banana.. but that place is egg-infested. I told Josie that James isn’t allowed to go to IHOP anymore! Oh well.

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