Ladybugs and Mr. Sunshine…

Posted in james, josie at 2:33 pm by Anne Marie

Well, 2 little ones, who I am extremely fond of are enjoying their new classes! Josie is so excited to be a ladybug, and when I pick her up, she tells me all about school and shows me a different section of her classroom every day! Plus, another mom told me that each time she gets to school to pick up her son, the kids are outside and Josie has had her bike helmet on every day (regardless of whether she is actually riding bikes!)! They all needed their own helmets this year, and so we got her one and she loves it!

Mr. Sunshine loves his class too! He has more room to walk and fall and move! He’s doing well on his nap mat (no crib at the big boy class) and his new teachers have been great about understanding his allergies. He has JUST cut tooth #3, his top left tooth. All in all, everything is well!

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