Friday! TGIF!

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All’s well, just a status update:

James is walking and now bending down without support to pick up things. We opened up the toychest and pulled out a ball, which he loves to throw and fetch – hehehe I forgot how easy it is to entertain them at this age! I haven’t updated photos in a while, so we’ll do that soon!

Josie is a big girl, and is going to take soccer at school. Her favorite song is “Doe, a Deer” from the Sound of Music. We are going to have to rent that for her soon! She is reading a little bit, and loves playing with her Tag and Leapster! It’s educational, and limited to an hour or so a day, so I don’t mind.

Neil’s doing well, and is still enjoying Chez Lulu. Although work is slow for me, I am still employed, which is great. I also have a number of side projects going on right now including: web and media for Gabe’s Hope Inc, and working on a chapter on the Lumsden Geneology book, and PEO and soon, a D.A.R. workshop.. I may be overextending myself, but like I said.. work is slow. Maybe that’s my excuse for not keeping this website up to date.. Hmm.

This weekend is the Barkitecture gala.. I cant wait to get out! I’ll post photos of that too.. If you want to see our entry, look at our Herrington Architects facebook page!

Until later, us..

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