How high are the clouds?

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Josie asked me this on our way home today.. I asked if she wanted to know how tall clouds are, or how high in the sky they are. Definitely, how high. So I told her (not wanting to lie, but not quite knowing the exact answer) “Well honey, clouds can be at different heights – low to the ground or 20 thousand feet in the air”.. Her response – WHOA! Then she comments, I can go higher than that. So I ask when she’s planning on going higher than that, assuming she means she is going on an airplane. Boy was I wrong. She says, “When I go to God, I will be higher than the clouds… but mom, What will I do there?

That’s something I couldn’t answer!!!


More teeth

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Hello everyone!

We have been quite busy! James went to the allergist and we tested for 4 new things, beans (3 varieties) and peas. We are a-ok on the beans, but no english peas for now! Papi reinstated he HATES peas!

James has 4 teeth, the top 2 and bottom 2, but one more has cut through on the top, and the other one is following suit! It’s amazing that he doesn’t seem to cry or whine about teething, so I constantly have to check!!!

Saturday was a busy day! Mom went to a D.A.R. meeting while Josie, James and Dad went to Libby’s birthday party! Then we all came back and while James napped, Josie and mom went to Lydia’s party! What a fun day of birthdays!

Sunday was spent cleaning up the house and cutting the grass. Mimi is sending her cleaning lady to our house on Tuesday, so we can’t wait!!! It will be nice to walk into a house that smells clean! Not that our house is filthy, but I wont be the one cleaning it! Thanks MIMI!!!!!

Hope all is well with your family too! We’ll keep you updated!