Allergy testing – Test 1

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Okay, so here is the list of things tested, and the results:
Environmental Allergens:
Timothy grass
Alternaria mold
A mold mix
Dog (allergic)
Dust mites 1
Dust mites 2
Food Allergens
Egg white (duh! very allergic)
Soybean (allergic)
Peanut (allergic)

So that’s that.. I think he is allergic to all legumes, so we will have to go back in 4-6 weeks for additional testing. Until then, no food challenges, no egg, no peanuts, and soy only in the form of soybean oil or soy lethicin.. or something like that.. He can have french fries however, and loves them to death… We also just gave him milk today, and he drank it all, no problem! YEA! We now own 4 Epi-Pen Jr.’s and he doesn’t mind his little wrist bracelet. Email me if you need one for your little one, its just velcro and stays on good! I also highly recommend Dr. Knight at Alabama Allergy and Asthma Center!



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James went to the ped. today. He is an astonishing 26 lbs, 4oz. and he is 30.5″ long. All is well and the doctor gave him immunizations for Hep A and Chickenpox today. Dad took him and said he did great. Tomorrow is the allergist, wish us luck!



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Today was the big day. Mom and James went to Childrens’ for a 8 am appt and Dad took Josie to school. James did well. Since he is older than a newborn, they use a local anesthesia. Basically a big needle. Three shots where he cried while mom held those chubby arms. After that we waited a bit for the pain medicine to work magic, which it did. The urologist, Dr. Joseph, said he was the only baby he knew that smiled through the whole thing! Now for lots of tylenol and neosporin!!!



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I know it has been a while… I am frustrated with this new format and my seemingly inability to put pictures on this blog… BUT let me update you on our latest happenings!

1. Hurricane Ike – although we aren’t in Texas, alot of our family is. Mom and Dad weathered out the storm, checked their house and the lake house and finally came here to recoup as they were out of power for so long. Mom’s car was here already as it was being repaired from the wreck she was in on James’ birthday. They left this weekend to head home, clean and restock the fridge. All is well, no trees fell on their house and they now have power.

Neil’s sister, Amy also came this direction with the kiddos, and they had a great play day. Mark had some black and decker tools that kept them busy and dirty! They got to visit with James which was enjoyed by all. Later in the week, we went to the Oneonta fair with them. Mark and Josie are daredevils and went on the rollercoaster first thing. All three of them won prizes, played on bumpercars and rode lots of rides… did I mention cotton candy? They were wound UP!

2. James’ appointments- James continues to do well and is sleeping through the night (most nights) which means he eats about 10pm then will wake up at 6am. Good news for Mom! He went to the peditrician as he was 2 months on the 17th. He weighs 14 lbs, 4 oz. – 95% for weight, and was 24-1/2″ – 90th for height with a 16-1/2″ head – also 90th percentile. So he is big, but porportional. He had 4 shots and an oral immunization. Surprisingly, he didn’t cry!!! Amazing! His pulse ox was 92, so that is pretty good. I would have preferred it to be 97, but I am learning (slowly) to be patient. Tomorrow he goes to see the urologist to be circumcized…YUCK! Poor kiddo. BUT he’s doing well. We don’t have to visit the cardiologist until January..

3. Josie- she’s great! Happy and healthy! She is learning how to set the table, and how to cook with dad. She is a great help with James and it is amazing how well she is doing. She loves her new “Butterfly” class! They have centers, and do art, computers, cooking and lots of reading!

4. Visits – We have seen Memere and Papi, Mimi and Pappa, Amy and the kids, and Uncle Joe and Judy got to stop by as well! Thanks to all of you for visiting!!

5. Upcoming –
The Harrison reunion is this weekend, and Josie James and I will be heading up there to have fun. I heard there will be lots of fireworks and fun… We look forward to seeing all of you who are coming.
Halloween is fast approaching. Josie is so excited and is going to be Tinkerbell. We have been “fairydusted” quite often these days! James’ costume is yet to be determined. Mom better think quickly!

Hugs and love to all of you, and to the many people we know who are ill.. Little Gabe, and Bob Goodell. We love you and hope you continue to get better!


Cardio Appt – 7weeks old

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Good news.. No big changes but some small ones!

Basically his right ventrical is not so muscular.

We still have a small patent foramen ovale – that is the small hole which shunts blood from right to left, but more oxygenated blood was being shunted from left to right instead of more unoxygenated blood going to the body.

His tricuspid valve still has some regurgitation

His pulmonary valve is open and we saw it working

His pulse ox was 97!

James continues to be big, and he weighed 13-1/2 lbs and is 23.35″. The cardiologist was happy!

The doctor said his main concern is that the pulmonary valve wont “grow” with him, and if that is the case we will have to go back to the cath lab for another vavuloplasty. But for now we are okay. We go back in 4 months for another EKG and Echocardiogram.

Thanks for your prayers, they continue to work!!!