How high are the clouds?

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Josie asked me this on our way home today.. I asked if she wanted to know how tall clouds are, or how high in the sky they are. Definitely, how high. So I told her (not wanting to lie, but not quite knowing the exact answer) “Well honey, clouds can be at different heights – low to the ground or 20 thousand feet in the air”.. Her response – WHOA! Then she comments, I can go higher than that. So I ask when she’s planning on going higher than that, assuming she means she is going on an airplane. Boy was I wrong. She says, “When I go to God, I will be higher than the clouds… but mom, What will I do there?

That’s something I couldn’t answer!!!


More teeth

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Hello everyone!

We have been quite busy! James went to the allergist and we tested for 4 new things, beans (3 varieties) and peas. We are a-ok on the beans, but no english peas for now! Papi reinstated he HATES peas!

James has 4 teeth, the top 2 and bottom 2, but one more has cut through on the top, and the other one is following suit! It’s amazing that he doesn’t seem to cry or whine about teething, so I constantly have to check!!!

Saturday was a busy day! Mom went to a D.A.R. meeting while Josie, James and Dad went to Libby’s birthday party! Then we all came back and while James napped, Josie and mom went to Lydia’s party! What a fun day of birthdays!

Sunday was spent cleaning up the house and cutting the grass. Mimi is sending her cleaning lady to our house on Tuesday, so we can’t wait!!! It will be nice to walk into a house that smells clean! Not that our house is filthy, but I wont be the one cleaning it! Thanks MIMI!!!!!

Hope all is well with your family too! We’ll keep you updated!



Just a test…

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Photos to be posted soon

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In the tubOKAY, okay I am behind! Here is a preview of Josie and James’ photo session with Heather. It was SO hot that day in early August.. I am surprised that she got any shots!

This was taken at Jones Valley Farm, August 3.


Friday! TGIF!

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All’s well, just a status update:

James is walking and now bending down without support to pick up things. We opened up the toychest and pulled out a ball, which he loves to throw and fetch – hehehe I forgot how easy it is to entertain them at this age! I haven’t updated photos in a while, so we’ll do that soon!

Josie is a big girl, and is going to take soccer at school. Her favorite song is “Doe, a Deer” from the Sound of Music. We are going to have to rent that for her soon! She is reading a little bit, and loves playing with her Tag and Leapster! It’s educational, and limited to an hour or so a day, so I don’t mind.

Neil’s doing well, and is still enjoying Chez Lulu. Although work is slow for me, I am still employed, which is great. I also have a number of side projects going on right now including: web and media for Gabe’s Hope Inc, and working on a chapter on the Lumsden Geneology book, and PEO and soon, a D.A.R. workshop.. I may be overextending myself, but like I said.. work is slow. Maybe that’s my excuse for not keeping this website up to date.. Hmm.

This weekend is the Barkitecture gala.. I cant wait to get out! I’ll post photos of that too.. If you want to see our entry, look at our Herrington Architects facebook page!

Until later, us..


Ladybugs and Mr. Sunshine…

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Well, 2 little ones, who I am extremely fond of are enjoying their new classes! Josie is so excited to be a ladybug, and when I pick her up, she tells me all about school and shows me a different section of her classroom every day! Plus, another mom told me that each time she gets to school to pick up her son, the kids are outside and Josie has had her bike helmet on every day (regardless of whether she is actually riding bikes!)! They all needed their own helmets this year, and so we got her one and she loves it!

Mr. Sunshine loves his class too! He has more room to walk and fall and move! He’s doing well on his nap mat (no crib at the big boy class) and his new teachers have been great about understanding his allergies. He has JUST cut tooth #3, his top left tooth. All in all, everything is well!


Back from Vacation

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What a fun time we had… Mom left on the 17th loaded up with the 2 kiddos! We stopped in Jackson to pick up Papi, and he helped make the trip much easier, AND paid for McDonalds… not to mention helping me juggle! Plus, true to the Lumsdens, Papi knew where all the Starbucks were along the way! We arrived at Memere’s at 5, and the kids got their eeeby-jeebies out. YEA! Mom had a beer!

Thursday mom went grocery shopping and packed up a cooler. Neil flew in at 4 and Josie was excited to see him! The first words out of her mouth were, Did you know Memere has FOUR tvs? HA. Sorry kiddo, we just have one. Its huge, but you have to share with your parents! Cooper and Stephanie stopped by to load up all the stuff for the lake. They were great! Cooper got everything ready for us to come up. Put luggage in rooms and food in the fridge.

Angie and Juan flew in that night at midnight, and Neil and I went to pick them up at the airport, then headed north to the lakehouse! They must have been trusting as we are driving down the dirt roads! We arrived and opened up the beer, catching up on work and friends and lives. We finally crashed about 3.

Friday and Saturday were great, and there were no kiddos. Friday, Cooper made 6 racks of ribs and beans and took us all over the lake, pulling us on skis and taking dad’s new boat “Bateau Nadeau” out. Really fun, really hot, lots of cold beer and the wind in our hair as we go 60mph over the lake on that crazy new jetski! Saturday, Coop and Steph left and Taylor arrived! Its a shame we couldn’t see both of them simultaneously, but it was fun!
Josie and Daddy

Sunday was Father’s day and we had a great time with grandparents, kids, and friends making icecream, jetskiing and tubing

A special thanks to Memere and Papi for letting us use the toys!!!!

Gabe’s Hope

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Mom is on the board of Gabe’s Hope. It is a non profit organization that will provide a gift/essentials bag to parents of “heart babies” in the NICU. Since the parents of children with heart defects rarely know there will be a problem, it is a difficult process. James and Gabe were RNICU buddies, and Gabe’s mom really helped my mom understand what all the machine settings meant, and some basic RNICU vocabulary. Gabe’s mom wasnt fortunate enough to be able to keep Gabe, and he went to be with God, we are going to continue shining his little light for others. There are big things in the works, and lots of support already, but we always need more. If you are interested in sponsoring an essentials bag, let mom know! She’ll be working on the website more in the next month: www.gabeshopeinc.org

Love you Gabe!
Josie and James


Vacation is-a-coming!

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Well, this time next week, the Ellis’ should be arriving in Houston to visit! James and Josie will have a great time visiting with their grandparents, while mom and dad head up to the lakehouse with friends from Arizona. A much needed break! Two nights without kids, and the parents are actually off work. That hasn’t happened since Christmas! Let’s open some wine! We’ll be sure to post photos of the trip! It should be fun!


Long time, no post…

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Hey everyone, all is well on our end… James continues to do well. He really is huge and looks more like a 6 month old. At his 3 mo. visit, he weighed 16lbs. 4oz. and was 25-1/2″ long. I even asked if I need to curb how much he eats, but the doctor laughed and said absolutely not. He is going to daycare, at the same school as Josie, and seems to be doing well. Like Josie, he is the youngest in his class, but not the smallest!

We are getting ready for Halloween… Josie is going to be Tinkerbell – I hope she doesn’t freeze to death, and James will be a bundled up Yoda! Its really funny.. Just wait, I’ll post photos.

We have a busy week this week. The Spricks are visiting Thursday. Friday is a parade at school and then Trick or Treating. Saturday is Planting day with Aunt Suzy (we do this every year – annuals in pots for color throughout the winter) and Sunday is a playdate with Lindsay from school.

On a sad note, my good friend Meg lost her father in October. James and I flew out to KW for the funeral, and Josie went to Lindsays house for her first (kinda) spend the night. It was good to see old friends, but a terrible circumstance in which to see everyone. On a positive note, her little sister Katie is getting married this month. Hugs to all of you.

On another note, I have a friend I met in the NICU. Her name is Amy and her son Gabe is still there. She is so positive, and was a huge help to me while James was there. Unfortunately they have hit their medical insurance cap, and he needs a lot more care. I am going to try to help her and set up a donation account. I will post the information soon, but we are still working with banks to get the perfect set up. If you want to read about her family and little Gabe you can visit her website

I hope all of you are faring well. Thank you for reading and touching base with us. I’ll post again soon!


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