How high are the clouds?

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Josie asked me this on our way home today.. I asked if she wanted to know how tall clouds are, or how high in the sky they are. Definitely, how high. So I told her (not wanting to lie, but not quite knowing the exact answer) “Well honey, clouds can be at different heights – low to the ground or 20 thousand feet in the air”.. Her response – WHOA! Then she comments, I can go higher than that. So I ask when she’s planning on going higher than that, assuming she means she is going on an airplane. Boy was I wrong. She says, “When I go to God, I will be higher than the clouds… but mom, What will I do there?

That’s something I couldn’t answer!!!


More teeth

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Hello everyone!

We have been quite busy! James went to the allergist and we tested for 4 new things, beans (3 varieties) and peas. We are a-ok on the beans, but no english peas for now! Papi reinstated he HATES peas!

James has 4 teeth, the top 2 and bottom 2, but one more has cut through on the top, and the other one is following suit! It’s amazing that he doesn’t seem to cry or whine about teething, so I constantly have to check!!!

Saturday was a busy day! Mom went to a D.A.R. meeting while Josie, James and Dad went to Libby’s birthday party! Then we all came back and while James napped, Josie and mom went to Lydia’s party! What a fun day of birthdays!

Sunday was spent cleaning up the house and cutting the grass. Mimi is sending her cleaning lady to our house on Tuesday, so we can’t wait!!! It will be nice to walk into a house that smells clean! Not that our house is filthy, but I wont be the one cleaning it! Thanks MIMI!!!!!

Hope all is well with your family too! We’ll keep you updated!



Just a test…

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Photos to be posted soon

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In the tubOKAY, okay I am behind! Here is a preview of Josie and James’ photo session with Heather. It was SO hot that day in early August.. I am surprised that she got any shots!

This was taken at Jones Valley Farm, August 3.


Friday! TGIF!

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All’s well, just a status update:

James is walking and now bending down without support to pick up things. We opened up the toychest and pulled out a ball, which he loves to throw and fetch – hehehe I forgot how easy it is to entertain them at this age! I haven’t updated photos in a while, so we’ll do that soon!

Josie is a big girl, and is going to take soccer at school. Her favorite song is “Doe, a Deer” from the Sound of Music. We are going to have to rent that for her soon! She is reading a little bit, and loves playing with her Tag and Leapster! It’s educational, and limited to an hour or so a day, so I don’t mind.

Neil’s doing well, and is still enjoying Chez Lulu. Although work is slow for me, I am still employed, which is great. I also have a number of side projects going on right now including: web and media for Gabe’s Hope Inc, and working on a chapter on the Lumsden Geneology book, and PEO and soon, a D.A.R. workshop.. I may be overextending myself, but like I said.. work is slow. Maybe that’s my excuse for not keeping this website up to date.. Hmm.

This weekend is the Barkitecture gala.. I cant wait to get out! I’ll post photos of that too.. If you want to see our entry, look at our Herrington Architects facebook page!

Until later, us..


Ladybugs and Mr. Sunshine…

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Well, 2 little ones, who I am extremely fond of are enjoying their new classes! Josie is so excited to be a ladybug, and when I pick her up, she tells me all about school and shows me a different section of her classroom every day! Plus, another mom told me that each time she gets to school to pick up her son, the kids are outside and Josie has had her bike helmet on every day (regardless of whether she is actually riding bikes!)! They all needed their own helmets this year, and so we got her one and she loves it!

Mr. Sunshine loves his class too! He has more room to walk and fall and move! He’s doing well on his nap mat (no crib at the big boy class) and his new teachers have been great about understanding his allergies. He has JUST cut tooth #3, his top left tooth. All in all, everything is well!

Help us, help others..

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Okay, so we haven’t received many donations, but here’s a way you can help without opening up your pocketbook! Click on the isearchigive right here.. Download the free search toolbar – similar to yahoo or google, and start websearching… We receive one penny per search, and if you shop, we get more. I personally haven’t done much but have raised more than 7$, I know, you may think, wow that girl is always on her computer! BUT I have it on my computer at work as well, and I earn while I research for projects!!! Just consider it!

Love from us!




Gabe’s Hope

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The website is up and running and we are in the business of accepting donations… Please consider a donation of 40$, which will provide one family with a care package. Another board member, a nurse in the NICU, stated that the bags have been warmly received, and the toiletry bags are a godsend for families that just show up, unexpectedly, with only their baby in hand!

I will be sending an email or letter to you shortly, helping us raise money for these families. Approximately 10 heart babies are admitted every month, and that adds up. So, show your support.

If things are a little tight financially for you, as they are for many, you can help us for free by downloading our iSearch iGive search engine. It is powered by Google or Yahoo, your choice, but 1 penny goes to the foundation every time we search!

Hugs and love to all!!!

Anne Marie

We’re a-walkin’

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James took his first steps on the 23rd, and by the 31st, he was a walking… just 6 or 7 steps at a time, but watch out! He puts his little hands out in front of him like a zombie.. it’s hilarious, and by August 1, he’s got it down! Robeez and all! Boy, mom is running around a lot more these days!

James is doing great with no eggs, soy or nuts.. His skin is clearing up and that continuous runny nose was almost gone, until he caught a little cold. He did have a little incident at IHOP, he got some hives around his mouth.. I suppose from touching the table.. All he had was milk and a banana.. but that place is egg-infested. I told Josie that James isn’t allowed to go to IHOP anymore! Oh well.


Allergy testing – Test 1

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Okay, so here is the list of things tested, and the results:
Environmental Allergens:
Timothy grass
Alternaria mold
A mold mix
Dog (allergic)
Dust mites 1
Dust mites 2
Food Allergens
Egg white (duh! very allergic)
Soybean (allergic)
Peanut (allergic)

So that’s that.. I think he is allergic to all legumes, so we will have to go back in 4-6 weeks for additional testing. Until then, no food challenges, no egg, no peanuts, and soy only in the form of soybean oil or soy lethicin.. or something like that.. He can have french fries however, and loves them to death… We also just gave him milk today, and he drank it all, no problem! YEA! We now own 4 Epi-Pen Jr.’s and he doesn’t mind his little wrist bracelet. Email me if you need one for your little one, its just velcro and stays on good! I also highly recommend Dr. Knight at Alabama Allergy and Asthma Center!

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